NEURO display


Departmental activities

Creator & co-leader, Neuroimmunology Journal Club at University of Colorado Boulder | 2016-present

  • Created and organized a bi-weekly journal club that engages attendees and encourages participation & discussion
  • Provides a unique forum for graduate students, undergraduates, and postdoctoral trainees to discuss new research and ideas
  • Promotes development of new experiments and collaborations


Creator & leader, Center for Brain and Spinal Cord Repair Trainee Seminar Series (CBSCR TSS) at Ohio State University | 2012-2014

  • Developed a monthly seminar in which trainees present data to their peers
  • Created a supportive setting to improve presentation skills and foster ideas


Leader, Journal Club for CBSCR at Ohio State University | 2011-2014

  • Re-organized journal club to involve and engage attendees more effectively


Science outreach

 Member, Neuroscience Education for Urban and Rural Outreach, OSU | 2012-2014

  • Helped re-start NEURO to promote neuroscience education in Ohio
  • Created posters to foster member interest
  • Helped lead monthly outreach events that raise awareness and interest in the brain (and science), particularly in less privileged neighbourhoods and schools.


Community-Based Project Leader | 2008-2009

  • Developed a project that engaged 145 elementary school students (K-5) in various science-based activities for three days in February 2009
  • Taught and led 35 undergraduates, who carried out the activities at discovery workstations with younger students to foster childrens’ passion for science.
  • Required leadership, organization, planning, creativity, and vision


Community Learning Initiative Leadership Program (CLILP) | 2008-2009

  • Associated with the community-based project through the Learning Exchange
  • Four day-long workshops on:
    • exploring the meaning of leadership,
    • team-building,
    • understanding our role while working in the community, and
    • strengthening ability to cultivate learning through reflection


Let’s Talk Science Partnership Program Member  | 2008-2009

  • Involved in science outreach program: designed to engage young students in science, and to promote scientific literacy and critical thinking
  • Led fun science activities for two 25-student inner-city grade seven classes



Other Volunteer & Personal Development Experiences

 Big Brother, Big Brothers of Vancouver | 2003-2010

  • Visited with my Little Brother for 2-4 hours once per week – organized fun events
  • Discussed any relevant personal issues to improve challenging situations
  • Required empathy, logic, sense of humour, and a friendly nature


Freelance Article Writing Course, UBC | 2009

  • Developed writing abilities in this interactive course taught by a successful writer
  • Learned how to cultivate ideas, research for stories, interview effectively, structure writing, and publish freelance work – also applies to scientific writing