Dr Gaudet aims to develop a research program focused on modulating “endogenous combinatorial targets” to improve neuroprotection and functional recovery. Revealing novel neuron-intrinsic and -extrinsic targets for repair could help establish new therapies for spinal cord injury and other neurological conditions.

Research Interests

OVERVIEW Despite great advances in the last century, there are still no satisfactory spinal cord injury (SCI) therapies that completely restore lost function. Post-SCI tissue repair is limited by factors that are neuron-intrinsic (insufficient growth response) and -extrinsic (including inflammation). Gaudet aims to


REFEREED PUBLICATIONS    Grace PM, Gaudet AD, Staikopoulos V, Maier SF, Hutchinson MR, Salvemini D, Watkins LR. Nitroxidative signaling mechanisms in pathological pain. Trends in Neuroscience. 2016;39(12):862-879 . Pubmed | .pdf Fonken LK, Kitt MM, Gaudet AD, Barrientos RM, Watkins